Upgrade your pool’s electrical system

Flamingo Pool Repair is licensed and eligible to perform lighting upgrades.

We can review and repair most problems with swimming pool lighting lenses and/or the color and efficiency of lighting.

Keep safety as your first priority

Always remember that water and electricity does not mix. If anything looks hazardous or you’re not sure about the safety of your pool, contact Flamingo Pool Repair to come and take a look.

We specialize in the following lights:

•  Sam Lights

•  Sal Lights

•  Intellibrite Lights

•  Amerilite Lights

Information for pools built prior to 1968

In 1968, the National Electrical Code began to include swimming pools in their standards and regulations.

If your pool was built before 1968, your pool’s electrical design for its filter pump and underwater lighting may be out-of-date and should be updated for safety purposes.