Should you heat your pool or not?

Southern California’s sunny and warm climate normally allows pool owners to enjoy their outdoor pool all year round.

Often times, heating a pool is reserved for the cooler months when you want to be able to enjoy a comfortable water temperature  but the temperature outside is low.

How warm is too warm for a swimming pool?

The American Red Cross recommends 78°F as the standard temperature for recreational and competitive sports swimming.

In Southern California, the average temperature for pool heaters in our cooler season ranges from 78°F to 82°F.

All makes and models of pool heaters available

Flamingo Pool Repair has the capability of installing or repairing any brand and model of pool heater systems. Contact us to find out how we can assist your needs and provide you with year-round swimming with several brands of heating systems available.

Solar heating units also available

Flamingo Pool Repair can also provide you with recommendations on solar heating units through several reputable dealers for use in your swimming pool.

Just give us a call for more information!